Thursday, August 27, 2009

Christy and Chris

Check out this adorable couple!
They are so much fun.
I love shooting engagements!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Salt Lake City Film Festival Day 1

"If you are not aware that a bologna sandwich can defeat goblins,

If you are not thinking about adding more popcorn to your sex life,

If the phrase "you can't piss on hospitality" doesn't make you laugh,

If you are not tempted to take your seat belt off in the car to see why it feels so good,

And if you don't know who Ryan Avery is,

Than I pity you
because that means you most likely missed the Salt Lake City Film Festival. And that is just sad,
Because it was awesome!"
-Jessica Fogg

Some of the Film Festival Staff and the Director, Michael Stephenson, and Star, George Hardy, of "Best Worst Movie"
(SOOOOOO Funny! See the Trailer here)
Matt and Chris, the directors of the Salt Lake City Film Festival
Does he look tired?
Michael Waits (George Hardy)

Matt getting uncomfortably close to Ryan Avery.
The documentary "Hi My Name is Ryan" is about him.
This was also hilarious. See the trailer here.
It was Ryan's mission to not look at my camera the entire weekend.

"Grandpa Seth"

The audience anticipating "Best Worst Movie"
After each film there was a Question/Answer session with the film makers and the cast.

Chris and Brad, one of the producers of Best Worst Movie
Matt and the director of "White on Rice"
Also sooo funny.
"White on Rice" will be out in Theaters on Sept. 25th!

Salt Lake City Film Festival Day 2

Awaiting the second showing of "Best Worst Movie"
Awesome Troll 2 shirt
Jason Steadman

Chris and Matt, the amazing directors of the Film Festival!
Niche cafe was one of the many fantastic sponsors.

Still not looking at the camera . . .
The crowd waiting for "Hi My Name is Ryan"

That would be Paul Eagleston's head coming out of the side of Matt.
Paul is the other director of "Hi My Name is Ryan"
At the Q and A after "Hi My Name is Ryan", Ryan suggested everyone come sit on the edge of the stage.
After the Q and A her performed some of his songs and had everyone (that could fit) come sit on the stage with him.

"Best Worst Movie" is about the movie Troll 2, so they did a screening of that as well.

Some of the Festival Staff and "Hi My Name is Ryan" folks

Stephen Rose (one of the directors of "Hi My Name is Ryan" and Chris

George Hardy, Jason Steadman, and Robert Ormsby

Don Packard (The Crazy General store guy from Troll 2) showed up at the end of the Q and A with a bag of T-shirts.
He even gave away the one he was wearing.
Arnold (Darren Ewing) and Drew (Jason Steadman) from Troll 2

I love Grandpa Seth (Roberty Ormsby)
"I wasn't acting, I can tell you that. That was a troubled person talking" -Don Packard

Ryan and Stephen

Ha ha